10 Signs You’re Officially a Book Addict


Yep, that pretty much sums up this last week. I’ve been so busy with uni work, paid work, packing and travelling that my novel’s barely got a look in, and I’ve now reached the stage where I’m finding it difficult even to string coherent sentences together (not good at the best of times, but even worse when you’re a writer). But I really don’t want to break my blogging streak, so today I’ve decided to cheat a little and go with ‘something I prepared earlier’. Nothing too deep or meaningful, just a bit of fun. Because we all need a bit of fun once in a while.


  1. You deliberately cook meals that you can eat one-handed, just so that you’ve always got one free to turn your page.
  2. You’ve missed your stop on public transport before because you were so engrossed in your book—and you didn’t regret it for a second.
  3. When you’re pushed for time, you cut down on sleep before you cut down on reading. (Hey, it’s called prioritising.)
  4. You’re not terribly bothered if you find that you’ve left your phone at home, but if you leave your book at home…Oh. My. GOD.
  5. You take more books on holiday than you do pairs of socks. And yes, they are all necessary.
  6. You’ve bailed on friends before because you’d reached a critical point in your book and couldn’t bear to leave it. DOES HE LIVE? DOES HE DIE? YOU NEED TO KNOW!
  7. You’re closer with your local bookseller than you are with some of your relatives. (Sorry Aunt Maude.)
  8. You have more bookcases than you do any other type of furniture. And you still can’t fit your whole collection on.
  9. You’ve been known to accidentally call a friend by a character’s name. (‘Thanks Hermio- I mean, Hannah.’ *Oops*)
  10. You’re completely baffled when people ask you what your favourite book is. Err, they expect you to choose just one?!

Copyright Shona Wood 2015


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